TWC is a digital design agency specializing in brand development and re-development and the creation of original graphics, animation, logo design and digital brochures. The company was launched in June of 2014 as a vehicle for founder Ken Goldstein to bring his twenty five years of global marketing expertise with international corporations and governments to artists, independent business owners, socially conscious entrepreneurs and companies with philanthropic and social action agendas. Since 2014 TWC has developed successful campaigns for a variety of clients in the entertainment, apparel, health, technology, wine and charity industries.

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Meet Ken Goldstein founder

Ken Goldstein, founder of The Website Company, is an anomaly in the website development and digital marketing world. A marketing guru with 27 years of experience launching products, entertainment properties, personalities and brands, he is also an Emmy Award winning writer and director, accomplished musician and composer, a globally reknowned speaker and the author of the book The Way of the Nerd. In 2014 Ken, under his pseudonym Jack Dempsey, recorded his first solo album at Capitol Records. You can learn more about Dempsey here.


"Building websites combines everything I love about what I do. I find it incredibly creativity and the process feels like a meditation to me"


- Ken Goldstein


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